Three’s a Charm

I am not actually referring to my second book Three’s a Charm. I am referring to my third attempt to enter the dashboard of my website and add a comment to my blog. It only took an hour and three password replacement requests. At 75 y.o. I am amazed that I am even trying to market 2 books and write a 3rd! However, it is clear to me that to get these books sold, I am going to have to up my game.
I joined 30 author/writing Groups on Facebook, and got a Author’s Profile on both and I was learning while exchanging information with other authors, but it was not increasing my sales. So Authorhouse,com convinced me to hire a publicist from Lavidge Co.
So far we have had 4 Zoom sessions, and she has taught me to open an Author’s Page on Facebook, and an Instagram account (also affiliated with Facebook, now called Meta Corp.)
There has been some response (28 responded out of the ~250 that I invited to my Page) The Instagram has been even less productive. To date I have had 4 thumbs up out of 9 posts.
Both platforms provide some statistics about the responses by viewers. So that, although helpful, has not been clearly explained to me yet. I have done statistics my whole career, but their analyses are greek to me!
I am hoping for better results, and when the publicist helps me better understand how to use this webpage I will be more comfortable. There have been over 500 visits to this site (discounting my regular visits)
I am explaining all this because one thing I have learned from the various websites is this. Many new authors are like me and know very little about the publishing industry. I hope I can do my part to try to rectify that!

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